Technology, like the world around it, is always changing. Browsers get updated. Hackers take systems down. Servers fail.

Ongoing Maintenance

Many of today’s technologies are frequently updated - browsers, platforms, APIs - which may cause conflicts. Meanwhile, people constantly seek to exploit vulnerabilities in everything from operating systems to content management systems.
All of this means that tools, systems, languages, and plugins must be updated over time - and special care must be taken to ensure that you haven’t “broken” anything in the process.
Our maintenance agreements ensure that nothing comes between your content and your consumer.

Uptime Monitoring

Every website experiences downtime, intended or not. Effective uptime monitoring provides a solution and ensures the smooth sailing of your business.
What does it entail? Pinging your website every day from multiple locations around the world. If any monitored service goes down, we receive an instant alert, allowing us to get things back up and running as fast as possible.
We prefer this proactive approach (tackling the situation before the client even knows) to a reactive approach (“Our website’s down - fix it”).

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring consists of gathering and analyzing large amounts of data to ensure that sites load at consistent rates, display the most important content at the highest possible speeds, and - most importantly - don’t suffer downtimes.
In order to keep users happy and keep them coming back, performance monitoring is necessary. Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who save other people time.

Analytics Reporting

Clients want to know how many users are visiting their sites, where they’re coming from, which pages are most popular, whether their marketing is paying off, etc. And for good reason.
Analytics reporting can yield beautiful results. Using methods like server log analysis and page tagging, we collect, measure, and synthesize usage data, allowing us to understand and rethink the things that aren’t working on a site, all while optimizing the things that already are.

Bug Fixes

Simply put, bugs - anything from functional or configuration issues to system errors - make software behave in a way it wasn’t meant to. They’re more than just a pain in the ass - they can have major security repercussions. It can take just one line of code to cause - or fix - a bug. Finding and squashing them is an art we know well.

Plugin & Security Updates

Plugin and security updates are offered to add features, boost performance, kill bugs, and prevent threats. For us, updates are a matter of business. Drupal is constantly releasing updates to combat security threats. Keeping up to date with these updates is a necessary –and ongoing - task.

What we offer

We offer services to keep your website up to date and up and running - performance monitoring, analytics reporting, and so on. If you’d like additional support after launch, we offer handy retainer services. Or if something new comes up - integrations, components, or other such things that might be out of your reach - we’re ready to step in. Though we offer these services, we also aim to make them unnecessary.

Digital properties are living, breathing things. They’re not a one-and-done. Ultimately, the greatest support we offer our clients is enabling them to take the reins of their sites for themselves.

Many agencies lock clients into contracts forbidding them from making changes to their own sites. We empower our clients to own their content for themselves, and we offer an intuitive interface and the tools to let them do so.